Plasma cutting
of metal
We provide a full range of services for plasma cutting of metal and the manufacture of parts.

Modern equipment and highly qualified specialists.
  • Cutting parts on plasma at any angle, parts of any shape.
  • Possibility of cutting holes of any size and diameter.
  • Cutting parts of any size, both large and small.
  • We will reduce the price by purchasing scraps for our needs .
  • 1
    High precision
    Our modern inventory of machine tools and equipment allows us to achieve high processing accuracy in every detail.
  • 2
    Broad opportunities
    We can produce different types of parts machining depending on the tasks.
  • 3
    Low production cost
    We always try our best to optimize our costs as much as possible so that you can earn more.
  • 4
    High quality
    We always strive to achieve a high quality of the manufactured parts.
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